Welcome, we are glad you are here! You have found the most competitive home heating oil prices in the Farmington Valley.

Upon your first home heating oil delivery, our professional driver will inspect the tank to ensure there are no current issues with your fill pipe, tank plumbing, tank, or gauge.

It is very important your Tank Whistle is working properly. If there is an issue, we will not be able to deliver until that is fixed by a professional technician.

When calling Greyt Oil LLC for our fast and friendly service, please have the following information ready.

  • Your information such as name, address, and best contact details
  • Home details: own/rent, square footage, does the oil heat your hot water?
  • Outside fill pipe location: facing home from street where is the shortest distance to to the fill pipe- left, right, front, or rear of home
  • Tank information: size in gallons – 275 (standard), 330, 550 or 1000, is it a double tank system?
  • What is your current oil status – empty, ¼, ½, or ¾?


When the snow falls please remember to clear a path with the shortest distance from the street to your fill pipe. Our professional drivers thank you!

We look forward to working with you, please contact us today to schedule your first delivery.

*100 gallon minimum * 


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